I’m a refinancing platform that puts you first.

FinHero is all about refinancing. I don’t do loans. I specialise in one thing and one thing only (and I’d like to think I do it finesse).

All Your loans in one place

I strive to make refinancing simple and uncomplicated. All your loans – easy to manage and together in one place – how’s that for a good feeling?

Best terms and prices

I always look to get you the best terms and prices on your refinancing. I work with you – as allies not adversaries – putting together a payment plan to suit your financial needs.

Pay Off Credit

As soon as you have accepted our discounted offer and signed a credit agreement with us, we will pay off your credit with your current lender and transfer your credit to our platform. Deal succeeded! The only duty left for you - keep in line with your repayment schedule with FinHero.

FinHero is the best option to refinance your loans?

You are more than your credit history

I work with and accept more customers than other refinancing services. Why? Am I naively optimistic? No – I just believe you are more than your credit history.

AI - efficient process

I use AI to make the process more efficient with my initial evaluation bringing together more than 200 factors to assess your situation.

Knowledge is power

I believe there’s few things better than the thrill of knowing you’ve taken control of your finances. That’s why I’m here with not just reliable financial advice but tempting bonuses too…

Meaningful relationship

I pride myself on building meaningful relationships with my customers and always being ready to listen. I know I can’t solve all your financial problems in a day, which is why I’m here for the long run.

Jargon buster

I avoid vague processes and financial mumbo-jumbo. Relationships are built on transparency, not on the quicksand of “financial instruments” and jargon you need two PhDs to wrap your head around. I’m made for real people, not accountants.

I listen. In fact I think listening is one of my best qualities. So feel free to put me to the test, anytime.